Major brands in distribution:

2-Power – batteries and power adapters

Canmore – GPS modules and sporttrackers

Conel – 3G/4G-LTE routers

Dovado – 3G/4G-LTE routers

FrameXX - intelligent picture frame and player for digital signage

Grandtec / Frame Jazz – videoadapters and players for digital signage

Hikvision - IP cameras

Chronos – communication modules (Bluetooth, serial servers…)

Infortrend – NAS servers and storage

Option - GSM 3G/4G-LTE routers

Peli – ruggedized cases all sizes (for phones, tablets, notebooks, guns, expensive electronics...)

Poynting – 3G/4G-LTE antennas

Socket mobile – industrial PDA, bar core readers

Synology – NAS servers and storage

Unitech -  industrial PDA and terminals, bar core readers